Our Story

Mustard Kid is designed and made in Poland.

We’re a Polish label for active little explorers aged 2-6 who want to feel comfy and play around. Our inspiration is drawn from the mustard color. This color is said to inspire creativity, imagination, and enthusiasm, and that’s exactly what we want to enable with our clothes. We strive to make children comfortable, stimulate their creativity and imagination, and let them be themselves.

With our clothes, we want to be part of your children’s discovery of this beautiful world. Our collections draw inspiration from nature, travels, and daily routine. We use only soft natural fabrics from local producers and organic materials wherever available. We believe in sustainable fashion. The whole process of creating our pieces takes place in Poland. We work with local companies and every step of the process is taken in our local community. We chose the best fabrics, which sometimes means less patterns, but we’re unwilling to compromise on quality. We prefer to play with colors that are guaranteed to last.

Our hope is that you’ll pass our pieces on after they no longer fit your little one.